TeleHealth Physical Therapy Option

We understand the growing concern regarding COVID-19 and realize the need to prepare for the progressive impact it is having on our world. To address our patient’s need of continuing their physical therapy plan of care while keeping our patients safe through social distancing – we want to offer our patients the same high quality physical therapy that they’re accustomed to at Manual Therapy Associates through Telehealth services.


Our patients are at the heart of what we do, and nothing means more to us than their loyalty to us over the years. Patients have become friends and family to us, and our small business hopes to continue serving you through this hard time. We are also excited at the opportunities Telehealth will have for our patients in the future outside of these pandemic times.


We want to offer you a free 15 minute consultation – call Nicole today to book!


What is Telehealth and what do appointments look like?

Manual Therapy Associates is offering Telehealth appointments which allow you to video conference with your Doctor of Physical therapy when you are unable to make it into the clinic for an appointment. This Telehealth appointment is completed over a HIPAA compliant telehealth platform called Recent guidelines also allow us to utilize Zoom, Facetime or Skype.


During these appointments a Physical Therapist will be able to conduct an evaluation to determine if you are appropriate for physical therapy, design a plan of care and rule out the need for a referral to other healthcare provider or emergency services. Much like in person physical therapy, we can complete follow up appointments where we can check in on progress with the plan of care, review the home exercise program, correct your exercise form and technique, and modify treatment. We will be able to answer your injury questions, modify and progress the plan of care accordingly, based on symptoms either improving or worsening. Our therapists are equipped in the skill and knowledge to educate you on self-treat with tools at home, and empower you to continue progressing until you are able to come back into the office.


These sessions are ideal for individuals who are unable to make it to their appointment due to illness or when practicing social distancing in avoidance of a widespread pandemic. It is an efficient way to see a healthcare provider who can screen for the necessity of further care or referral to a hospital or medical doctor. This is a cost-effective method to receive care in a time when resources may be limited within the healthcare system.


What are other uses for a Telehealth visit?*

  • Are you working from home right now?
    • Schedule a worksite ergonomic evaluation
    • Learn ways to unlock your mid back pain from increase in sitting due to work from home
    • Design a home exercise program to improve posture
  • Have future exercise goals?
    • Schedule a coaching session for a progressive exercise plan to meet your summer hiking, trail running, road race, triathlon goals
    • Injury screening before you start your training

*may be covered by insurance pending individual evaluation, otherwise will offer cash-based payment options. Ask Nicole for details


How do I set up the connection for Telehealth?

We are currently using where you will sign up for free as a patient. Enter into your browser (Chrome or Firefox) to take you to the landing page. Once you arrive on the landing page you select “sign up for free” as a patient.

You will then enter your unique provider’s link and your name to check in which will take you to a virtual waiting room where your provider will start a video conference call.

With this app your provider will be able to speak with your Physical Therapist directly, review exercises, and transfer files and your home program to you directly through a secure server and platform.

We recommend not having any other streaming services going on while participating in your telehealth appointment for a better experience.


How do I schedule a Telehealth appointment?

Call Nicole the same as you would schedule an in-person appointment: Phone (303) 456 -2671


Consent form to be filled out prior to your first Telehealth visit:

Please fax: 303-456-0220 or email to: We recommend using the free app “Genius Scan” to scan & send in your consent form.

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